• Regizor, Artist, Actor, Muzician

    Experiență: 13 ani

    Companie: Freelancer

    Născut: 25 februarie 1984

    Locație: Municipiul Chişinău

    Vorbește: Română, Rusă, Engleză

  • Born in Chisinau, R. of Moldova.

    Artist multimedia

    Fields of interest: doc movie, experimental, contemporary art/music, performance/acting.


    Valeria Barbas, (born 1984) is a multi-media artist, based in Chişinău, Republic of Moldova. She studied for a B.A.(2001-2006) and a M.A.(2006-2008) in composition, Academy of Music, Theatre and Art, Republic of Moldova, electronic music courses with Mihail Afanasiev (2005-2006).

    In 2004-2008 she also studied for a BA in painting, State Pedagogical University „I. Creangă”. Currently, she is a researcher at the Institute of Cultural Patrimony, Academy of Sciences, Republic of Moldova. Valeria Barbas is a member of the Moldavian Union of Composers and Musicologists, Moldavian Union of Painters.In 2017 – she was awarded a PhD in study of art and culturology. Author of the book ”Intercultural Dialogue in New Music from Republic of Moldova. Irradiances of the International Festival Days of New Music (1991-2016)”, 2018.

    Since 2008 - working in the field of contemporary art and music, Valeria Barbas has signed numerous performances, video art, installation that were presented internationally; collaborates with KSAK- Center for Contemporary Art. European Cultural Festival TANDEM (of performance), RM (2012), GHOST PAVILION campaign, part of ATLANTIS’11 and HEICO project at Venice Biennale (ed.54, 2011, IT), SPACES project- sustainable public areas for culture in Eastern countries, by Oberliht Association, RM(2013-2014), Art as Civic Action, by Citizens of Europe,2014 Berlin,DE; Drujba video project developed in What are our ruins? International project R. Moldova-Russia-France, org. by KSAK, RM & Les Ateliers du Vent, FR; Wärmepol sound&installation project, collaboration with Frank Schulte (DE), part of KunsTräume project by [KSA:K]&Goethe Institut, RM etc.

    Claxymphonie, short documentary by V. Barbas, was selected to Cronograf International Documentary Film Festival, local production section, Republic of Moldova (2014). She participated in workshops of documentary film in the frame of Moldox Festival of documentary film 2016, 2017, Republic of Moldova, tutors: Melody Gilbert (USA), Johanna Bernhardson (Sweden); workshops for directors and producers of documentaries, organized by TELEFILM Atelier, USA Embassy, Republic of Moldova (tutors Thomas Ciulei, Giovanni Robbiano, Peter Badac).