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    Cristina Jitari



  • As one of the largest sound recording studio in Moldova, it has proven expertise and has been trusted with major domestic and foreign projects.

    The studio has access to a deep pool of artists allowing the selection of the talent and voices which will best suit each particular project through rigorous castings.


    As an integral part of every recording, the sound engineers at Cellar Door are highly experienced and skilled professionals. Every dubbing project is supervised by a dedicated dubbing expert, who works directly with the artists to ensure a portrayal of the characters true to the original.


    Also, the studio has a proven reputation in quality translation having translated numerous titles for clients as Netflix. This quality is achieved thanks to the many experienced in-house translators, some of whom have been a part of the company since its very beginning. In this way, working closely with the editors, the translation process is faster and better at the same time.


    Cellar Door provides Post Production and localization services such as Dubbing, Voice-over, Subtitling, Translation, Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Audio Final Mix, Sound design, Music Recreation, Effects recreation, graphics, close captioning and other creative services.