23 ian 2018

Proiectul „Love is not an orange”, în regia Otiliei Babără, regizoarea din Moldova, stabilită la Bruxelles, va fi prezentat în cadrul platformei east Doc. Proiectul abordează tema migrației din perspectiva darurilor și încercării părinților de a compensa golul provocat de migrație în gândul și în viața copiilor. 

Olimpia was one of the many mothers who left Moldova in search of a better future for her family. She left when Victoria was 15 and, because of her illegal status, she was unable to return home for years. In these circumstances they found a peculiar way of communicating: exchanging boxes, which they filled with sweets, clothes and other gifts. This gesture became a ritual among many families. By replacing their presence with material goods, these mothers were trying to make their absence less painful.