• Casting manager

    Experiență: 25 ani

    Companie: Freelancer

    Născut: 26 martie 1977

    Locație: Municipiul Chişinău

    Vorbește: Română, Rusă, Engleză

  • Profile

    Actress, Casting Manager, Costume Designer, Freelance Artist


    Qualifications Summary

    Film and Television Production: Wide-ranging knowledge of film and video

    projects from inception to completion. Effective at organizing and coordinating

    shoots; experience using production equipment.

    Administration and Communication: Provide efficient administrative support for

    a diverse array of program participants and staff. Prioritize and organize workloads

    to meet strict deadlines; train and support team members. Establish and maintain

    strong working relationships with management and staff.

    Strengths and Accomplishments: Enthusiastic and creative; demonstrated ability

    to meet deadlines and objectives. Excellent organizational and communication

    talents; solid skills in improving productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.


    Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Art. State Conservatory - 1989

    “Alexei Sciusev” Fine Arts School - 2016-present

    Selected Projects

    Costume Designer - 2017

    Documentary “Eugen Doga”, Director Angela Guseva; A Russian and Moldovan


    Casting Manager - 2016-1017

    Social TV Commercials «Fără frică» MILK FILMS, Director - Eugen Damaschin

    Costume Designer — 2016

    TV Commercials for Chișinău Radler, Brio Studio StarNet, Director A. Romaliiskii;

    MILK FILMS, « Beautiful Coruption» Director - E. Damaschin; Unite, Director - Vasile




    Production Assistant, Casting Manager - 2012

    “Calea Păsărilor” Film Project, Director Gianina Grigoraș; Romania, Moldova

    Production Assistant, Casting Manager - 2012-2013

    “Kinematic” TV commercials

    Casting Manager - 2013

    Saga Film, « La limita de jos a cerului»; Director - I.Cobileanski; România, Moldova

    Costume Designer - 2004

    “Bucharest Express” film; Director Chuck Portz, SUA

    Production Manager - 2001

    Film studio «ГОРКИЙ», «СИНЕМА СПЕЙС», Director I.Talpa, « Двенадцатая

    осень» Russia

    Casting Manager - 1997

    Profilm-studio, Teleradio Moldova film project „Ricoșet”; Director I. Talpa. Moldova,



    Costume Assistant - 2017

    TV Commercials «Pate Sadu», « Moldincombank»; Director - Serghei Vetrov.

    Costume Assistant, Sergiu Prodan’s Studio - 2016-1017

    TV Commercials Moldcell, MAIB, “Fructe din Moldova», «Show must go on», « We

    are the champions», « Moș Zaharia», Promolex.

    Costume Assistant - 2016

    Music Video, “Millenium” Band

    Costume Assistant — 2016

    Music Video, “Gandul Maței” Band

    Costume Assistant - 2016

    TV Commercial for “Evita” Shoes, Moscow

    Costume Assistant - 2014

    “Aviator” Company, TV show « Курортная полиция» , Director S. Vinogradov. A

    Ukrainian and Russian production

    Costume Assistant - 2013-2014

    « MOSTELEFILM» TV Show « Учитель в законе- возвращение»

    Director .R.Urazaev, Russia�


    Costume Assistant - 2013

    « MOSTELEFILM» TV show « Бомбила»; Director M.Vasserbaum, Russia

    Costume Supervisor - 2012

    CNC România, « All Gods children» Director A.Popovici; Moldova, România

    Costume Supervisor - 2010-2012

    « MOSTELEFiLM» TV Show « Братаны-2» and « Братаны-3»; Director S. Lealin, S.

    Artemovici, Russia

    Costume Assistant - 2009

    “Doina Haiducului” Music Video, Zdob si Zdub Band

    Costume Supervisor - 2009

    « MG Media” ,« Central Partenership», TV Show «Огни большого города»; Director

    S. Vinogradov, Russia

    Costume Assistant - 2008

    « FAVORIT- Film» , « Central Partenership» TV Show «Ермоловы»; Director V.

    Krasnopolsky, ,V. Uskov, S. Vinogradov, Russia

    Costume Supervisor – 2006-2007

    Production Center « PIRAMIDA», TV Show «Проклятый Рай», Director I.

    Corobeinicov, Russia

    Costume Assistant - 2006

    Film Studio «ГОРКИЙ » film project «Псевдоним АЛБАНЕЦ»; Director Rauf

    Cubaev, Russia

    Costume Assistant - 2000

    „CINEMA SPACE”, film project „Особый Случай», director I.Talpa, Russia

    Costume Assistant - 1999

    „Pro Film Company”, “Moldova Film”, film project „Мужской характер»; Director I.

    Talpa; Moldova, Russia

    Actress - Galina’s part, Costume Assistant - 1999

    «Cinema Space», TV Show „Возвращение Титаника»; Director Igor Talpa;

    Moldova, Russia

    Actress — Irina’s part

    „Pro Film Company”, Moldovafilm,” Boiana” film project „Танго над пропастью»

    Director Igor Talpa; Moldova, Russia, Bulgaria


    Actress - 1989-2012

    “Ginta Latină” Theater �


    Other Skills

    Certified Ikebana Artist, Driver’s license holder